This weekend we went to our favourite beach in the whole world – Branscombe in East Devon.   We have been visiting this perfect piece of tranquility, where the sloped cow fields meet the seashore, since we were both four years old and that is a very, very long time ago.  We even took our own children there when they were little, staying in tiny chalets, nestled into the cliffs.  In the evenings, as children, we would run up the hill in pyjamas to look at the setting sun and in the mornings, when it was warm we would wake to the call of the seagulls and the wooshing of the waves as they dragged the pebbles into the sea.  It’s a bit freezing at this time of year, so we had to wrap up and lean into the wind as we walked along the shore with the dog.   Here’s a photo of our children when they were small, scrambling up the hill behind the beach.  We’d love to hear stories of your favourite seasides and see some of your photos or pictures.