I don’t know if you wake up early like us pigeons. If you do and if you listen when it’s all still in the early morning, you’ll hear birds tweeting very loudly indeed. It’s the male bird trying to attract a female bird and also telling his neighbours to keep off his patch. When all the male birds start singing together, it’s called ‘the dawn chorus’ and quite a racket it is too. They are trying to show off to see who can sing the loudest and don’t stop until they’ve run out of puff.

Perhaps some of you have nesting birds in your garden, or in the trees of nearby parks, or maybe at school. Last year I found a nest filled with baby birds in my riding hat and had to buy a new one so as not to bother the mother bird and her chicks. Of course we must never disturb nests whilst they are filled with eggs or babies, but once they have flown away (fledged), then it’s lovely to peek inside to look at the colourful eggshells and see all the things that have been used to feather the nest.

Have you ever thought of making your own bird’s nest? Imagine you’re a bird. Explore about in your garden, or park or school playground, and look for all the things that would make it cosy and warm:

Let’s think what they would use? How about some Twigs –-Grass –Leaves – Moss – Feathers.  See if you can build one without using tape or glue. We’d love to see some of your creations.