During our recent trip to India, we visited a factory near Agra that Pigeon had read and heard good things about. Apart from paying their workers a living wage, opening bank accounts for them and providing healthcare education, they also have a ‘zero waste’ policy. These gestures in themselves are such positive, bold moves and ones that make working with them very attractive to Pigeon. We were further thrilled to hear about some of the projects that the factory actively helps out with, both financially, as well as by putting their knowledge to use by raising awareness and by sitting on various boards, in order to make a difference.  In turn, this wonderful work and the dedication to the local community, actually helps in drawing the attention of new customers like us. One of the projects Pigeon is especially interested in is ‘Sheroes’, a charity the factory supports by providing a house for girls and women who are victims of Acid attacks. It was our absolute pleasure to visit the café run by these women and we will definitely be returning.

You’ll be delighted to know that some of our SS19 collection will be made by this factory.

If you would like to read more about ‘Sheroes’, you’ll find the link below: